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Frequently Asked Questions - To get to / from the hotel Alliance Greenwood

FAQs - To get to / from the Hotel Alliance Greenwood


  1. Taxi/Car (75 km, without traffic jams 1 hour 21 min, map reference: MAP)
  2. Public Transport (Variant 1):
  3. Public Transport (Variant 2):
    • From Domodedovo airport taka a bus or minibus to Domodedovo metro station (25 km, travel time – 38 min, map reference );
    • Domodedovskaya metro station – Shodnenskaya metro station (travel time – 53 min, 1 train change, metro map reference
    • Transfer from Shodnenskaya metro station - to Hotel Alliance Greenwood. Transfer schedule is here: Free transfer schedule to/back Hotel Melior Greenwood
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